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that vvhen Muhammad's body had attained a greater

perfection, from it Mahnmd arose:

44 We shall resuscitate thee in a place Mahmud' praiseworthy.' "

The meaning of it is this: When in an elemental
matter, the energy conjoins in such a manner that
by it an exuberance results in the composition of the
mineral form ; then it may happen that it assumes
such a superior aptness as to invest itself with a
vegetable guise; when its faculty and fitness gains a
further increase, then the animal vest adapts itself to
a suitable shape, and becomes worthy, that the
elemental matter, fitted for the dignity of a human
constitution, converges to such an excellence as to
manifest itself in the perfection of mankind. In this
manner, the parts of the human body from the
appearance of Adam were progressing in purity,
until they attained the dignity of a Muhamtned, who
is the top of the ladder. In this time, as the per-
fection and purity advanced, Mahmud appeared. On
that account it was said:

u From Muhammed is the flight to Mahrniid :

"As in the former there is less, and in the latter more (perfection)."

pursuing soldiers of Mahrwid, whilst he himself had been killed in his
carrip, by a random shot of an arrow from the Tartarian army. But his
death remained concealed, and his friends spread the rumor of his volun-
tary but temporary disappearance, His brothers, Muhammed and Ali,
were put at the head of the party, which was soon after overthrown by
the Moghuls.