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And the words which the lord of the prophetic

asylum, Muhammed, addressed to All:

•' I and All proceed from one light; thy flesh is my Qesh, and thy body
** is my body."

have this meaning: that the purity and energy of the
bodily parts were collected in the prophets and the
saints ; and from them the bodies of Muhammed
and Ali were kneaded, in such a manner that the
chosen parts of Muhammed's and Ali's bodies being
conjoined and mixed together, the person of Mah-
mud was formed.

—The author of this book heard from a person who
was one of the safd, " pure" Durvishes, from the
Durvish Bakai Vahed, from the Durvish Ismail,
and from Mizza Taki, from Shaikh Latef ilia, and
Shaikh Shahab, who belonged to the Imana, what
follows: Any single person is a being which longs
after earth; but other elements also exist with an
abhorrence of earth. These sectaries consider the
sun as the spirit of fire, and call it the Kabah of
worship, the fire-temple of obedience to the holy
being. Hakim Khakani says :

" 0 Kabah of the traveller of heaven,

" 0 zemzem,l sacred well of fire to the world."

1 Zemzem is the name of a famous well at Mecca.    According to the