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raoh, Yezid, ihe latter did not give to Hossain the
water of the Feral,'' Euphrates," but with the water
of the sharp steel, deprived his body of life.

These men further assert that, whatever sorts of
minerals, vegetables, and animals are black, were
formerly black-faced men, and whatever are white,
were men with a white skin.

These sectaries all venerate the sun, and profess
that he is the Kiblah; and the door of the Kabah
facing the sun refers to this meaning, that the sun is
the true Kiblah; they have a prayer which they chant
with their face turned towards the sun.

They maintain that, when the period of Ajem
takes place, men will direct their road to God, and
they venerate these men, and hold human nature to
be divine. Their salutation is: Alia, alia. When the
period of Ajem is completed,, men will remain, and
they think that the men whom we venerate were
superior in rank to those who now exist; on which
account the latter continue to form idols similar to
men, and worship them. The worship of idols will
prevail, until the period of Ajem returns, and this
will be its mode of continuance.

Mahmiid called himself a Vdhed, and declared
himself to be the Mahdy promised, whose appear-
ance was predicted by the prophet; he said, that the
religion of Muhanuned is cancelled, and that now
the true faith is that of Makmud: as was said :