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" The time is come; the accomplishment of sayings is Mahmtid 
" Whatever reproach the Arab threw upon Ajem, it is over."

His disciples are dispersed in the four quarters of
the world, and in the whole country of Iran a great
number of them resides, but they dare not make
themselves known, because the King, now the in-
habitant of   heaven,   Shah   Abas,   son   of Shah
Khodabendah Safavi, put many of them to death.
The belief of the Mahmiidian is, that Shah Abas,
when he had met Tarab and Kamal, who were per-
fect Vahadis, and taken information from them,
wanted to publish them as his own, and on that
account killed them both.    They subjoin that, al-
though  he  had great pretensions, yet he never
attained perfection;   because, on account of the
world and ostentation, he had destroyed the perfect.
The author of this work heard from an Amin:
6' Shah Abas was a perfect Amin, and killed whom-
tc ever he did not find well founded in this creed.
" Thus, he admitted me to his society, and desired
c * me to remain in Is fahan; when I did not consent
<' to it, he granted me the expenses of my journey to
" India."   It is said, that in these times Shah Abas
came on foot to visit the place of Hosseiris martyr-
dom, that is, Kerhdla, where he said to Tarab: *' I
" feel pain from my foot journey/'    Tarab an-
swered:  " This is owing to the inconsistency of
4t thy natural intellect; for if the Imam for whose