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to his creed, he heard the following speech from
him: u One day, when during the M'aheram they
'* read the history of the martyrdom of Hossein, and
" he too (Hossein Khan) was weeping, Shah Abas
" said: ' You, why do you cry, as if it were the
" ' Shdmlus (that is to say, the natives of Sham) who
" * did the action?' The answer was : c We do not
< *  cry on account of Hossein : but because from our
u * number also fine youths were killed/ "

44 With the same eyes with which you look on us,
4i With the same eyes is it, that we look on you."

The Duniahs, a particular sect, so called in the
language of the Imanahs, think slightly of Hossein.
On account of their meanness, they made no pro-
gress in the religion of MahrmidL Azizi, one of the
Musehnans of Shiraz, told the author of this book in
Lahore : *' I once reviled Mahmxid; at night I saw
14 him in a dream; he approached me with a light-
" ning-flashing face, and said: * Hast thou perused
" * my works?' I answered, * I have.' He sub-
" joined : * Why dost thou speak abusively of me?
" ' If thou per severest in this manner, I will chas-
".' lise thee.' "

It is reported by the Vahadis, that Khajah Hafiz of
Shiraz professed also this creed. As Mahmiid.
dwelt a long time upon the border of the river Rii-
dares, the Khajah said:

'* 0 zephir t when thou passest over the border of Rudures,