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Baber Padshah defeated Ibrahim Khan Afghan. In
the before-said Halnameh is to be found that the
mother of Miyan Bayezid was called Bdnin, and that
the father of Banin and the grandfather of Abd ullah
were brothers, and had their residence in the town
of Jalendher. Miyan Bayezid was born in this place.
The father of Abdullah asked Banin, the daughter
of Muhammed Amin, in marriage for his son Abd
ullah. The father of Bayezid Abd ullah resided at
Kanigaram, which is situated in Kohistan (the hilly
country) of the Afghans.i When the conquests of
the Moghuls began to extend, Banin also came with
Bayezid to Kanigaram. Abd ullah had no liking
for Banin, on which account he repudiated her;
and Miyan Bayezid experienced many sufferings
from the enmity of another wife of Abd ullah, and
from the son of the wife of Yakub, besides the care-
lessness of his father.

It was the custom of Miyan Bayezid that, when-
ever he went to tend his own field, he took care also
of the fields of others, and guarded them. From
his infancy he felt a disposition towards the first
cause, so as to investigate—" the heavens and the
" earth are here; but where is God?" When
Khajah Ismail was blessed in a dream by a revela-
tion, he devoted himself to austere practices of

1 The district of Kanigaram is on the borders of Kandahar.