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And ihe order was given to Bayezid to say:

" I have seen thee by thee; I have heard thee from thee."

God said to him further :

" The disgrace of this world is lighter than the disgrace
" Of thy future world; haste towards what is good; be slow
*' Towards what is bad."

And the Lord God announced to him:

" I have established as duties the exterior and the interior worship:
" the exterior worship as a duty for acquiring knowledge, and the
k< interior worship as a perpetual duty."

Bayezid was perplexed : " If I offer prayers I am
u an idolator, and if 1 neglect them i am an infidel;
ci for it is said :

" * The  offering   of prayers  is  idolatry, and   the  neglect  of  them
*' infidelity."

Then the command arrived: 'A Perform the pray-
fct ers of the prophet;" he asked: " What prayers

" are these?'7    The Almighty God  said:  " The
" praise of the Divinity.''   Afterwards he chose this

prayer, as it is said :

" The worship of those who are attached to the unity of God is, before
" men, like the worship of worshippers; but before God, it participates
4< in the object of worship itself."

Bayezid devoted himself so much more to secret
practices of piety, about which the prophet has said:

" The best remembrance of God is secret remembrance, and the best
" food is that which is sufficient."

And again :

'* Remember your God morning arid evening; and be not one of the
*' negligent.1'