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His friends saw in a night dream, and lie himself
heard the voice, thai Bayezid should be called Miyan
Roshen, and he obtained eternal life, according to
the words of God :

" Say not of him who is slain in the way of the Lord, that he is dead,
" but that he is alive; but you cannot distinguish the deaf, the dumb,
44 and the blind; nor can they reply to you; for they are deaf in hearing
" the truth, dumb in speaking the truth, and blind in seeing the truth."

He made himself free of the crowd of such de-
scription; and frequently divine inspiration came
upon him. Now, according to the prophetic saying :

" Inspiration is a light which descends into the heart, and displays the
'* real nature of the things according as they are."

And Jabril also descended to him; we read in the

" I send down angels and the spirit, at my pleasure, on whomsoever
" I please among my servants."

God Almighty elected him also for an apostle, and
conferred upon him the gift of prophecy:

"I have sent none before thee, excepting those persons who have
" received revelation."

The lord Miyan Roshen, that is, Bayezid, was ex-
tremely righteous in his conduct, as it is said:

** When God intends the good of one of his creatures, he gives him an
** admonisher in his spirit, and a restrainer in his heart; so that, of his
" own accord, he admonishes and restrains himself."

Miyan Roshen, that is, Bayezid, said to the
learned: " What says the confession of the faith?"
The reply was: cc We bear testimony that there is