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" no god but God;" that is: we testify that there is
no god worthy to be worshipped but God Almighty,
Miyan Bayezid said: c' If one is not acquainted with
" Lord Almighty, and says: c I am acquainted with
" * him/ he is a liar ; as it is said :

" He who sees not God, knows not God."

Moulana Zakaria said to Miyan Bayazid : " Thou
" sayest that thou art acquainted with the heart,
cc and thou proclaimest thyself the master ofopen-
46 ing the hearts; give me information of my heart,
" and if this proves to be true, I shall then place my
66 confidence in thee." Miyan Roshen Bayaz d re-
plied: " I am the master of opening the hearts ; but
" there is no heart in thee; if thou hadst possessed
" a heart, I should have given thee information
" about it. " Then Moulana Zikeria declared (to
those about him): ". Kill me first; if a heart comes
44 forth from my body, then put Bayazid to death,
" and if none appear, then let him be safe." Miyan
Bayazid said: * * The heart which thou mentionest
" will come forth if a calf, a kid, or a dog be killed;
" but that lump of flesh is not the heart. The
'' Arabian prophet says :

" The heart of the faithful is more elevated than the ninth or empy-
" rean heaven; and more spacious than the extent of the ninth heaven (the
44 throne of God)."

4' And again:

" Hearts bear witness of hearts."