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Moulana Zakaria said Lo him: "Thou takest ihy-
" self for a master of opening the tombs; let us go
" together to a burying ground, that the dead may
-' converse with thee." Miyan Bayezid replied: "If
" thou didst listen to the voice of the dead, I should
4 c not call thee an infidel." The author of this work
observed to Miyan, who was attached to the Roshi-
nian persuasion : "If, instead of these words, the
" lord Miyan had said: When I hear your voice,
" it is the voice of the dead, and proceeds from the
" tomb of the corporeal members, it would have
" been better." Being pleased with this observa-
tion, the Miyan wrote down upon the margin of the
Halnameh., that this also is the speech of the lord
Miyan. The Mobed says:

*' Between our friends we saw and we gave

" To the searchers of the road a mark without a mark."

Then the learned said to Miyan Bayezid: '' By
" what word or deed of thine shall men believe in
" thee?" Miyan Roshen Bayazid replied: " Let
" there be one of your number, the best and ablest,
C4 who applies to science and practises devotion; let
" him join me, and according to my direction per-
" form exercises of worship and piety; if he find a
" superior advantage, then believe in me/'

A person named Malik Mirza said:'c 0 Bayezid, be-
u ware of arrogant speech, and call not men delest-
" able; whoever likes, may follow thy path, but if

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