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" he does not like It, let him remain away from it."
Miyan Rdshen Bayezid answered: " I will propose
4t a simile: if in a house which should have but one
" door, a great number of persons had fallen asleep,
" and in that house fire had broken out; if by acci-
" dent one person should be awake, ought he to
ef awake the others, or not?" His adversaries said :
" 0 Bayezid, since God Almighty has charged thee
cc with his orders, declare, ' Jabriyil descended to
4C * me, and I am the Mahdi;' but call not the people
cc infidels and detestable."

Miyan Roshen Bayazid did not think it right to
eat of the flesh of an animal killed by a person whom
he did not know, and who did not adhere to the
rule of the unity of God. Bayezid knew that:

" A. worldly wise man, before man, is living, but before God, dead;
*' his form is like the form of a man, but his qualities like the qualities
" of beasts; whilst a man,knowing God, is living before God; his form is
*' like the form of a man, and his qualities are like the qualities of the
" merciful God."

Bayezid said to his father Abd ullah : " The Ara-
" bian prophet has declared:

" Sheriat, t the law,' is like night; Jan'ftaf, * religious rule,' is
" like the stars; Hakiket, * the truth,' is like the moon; and Mdrifet,
" * the true knowledge,' like the sun; and nothing is superior to the sun."

Miyan Bayezid Roshen said: " The matter of the
" law rests upon the five fundamental principles of
" the Musela^ns.l

1 These are: i. the profession of the faith; 2. the stated prayers; 3.