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attributes of God absolute, to divorce from one's own
attributes: this is the business of sacunat, " in-dwell-
" ing in God," and there is no superior station
beyond sacunat.

The terms kurbat, vds alet, vahed, and sacunat are
peculiar to the style of the lord MiyanRoshen Baye-
zid, who places them higher than sheridt, ttrikat, and

At that time it was the custom, when friends had
been separated and met again, on meeting, their
first inquiries were about the health, wealth, and
children of each other. But the friends of Miyan
Roshen Bayezid first inquired about each other's
faith, religious thoughts, zeal, love, and knowledge
of the All-Just, and afterwards about their health
and welfare. When they made inquiry about any
other person, it was in the following manner :
" How is he with respect to religion and faith?
" does he keep the affection of the friends of God?"
and in these things they rejoiced. The words of
the prophet are:

" Verily, God does not regard your forms nor your wealth,
" But he regards your hearts and your actions."

Miyan Bayezid, in his early years, used to con-
form to the five fundamental principles of the Mu-
selman faith, such as the confession of faith, to say
prayers five times a-day, and to keep the fasts; but
as he was not possessor of a sufficient estate, it was