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Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Afghani/languages.
The Maks'M al Mtimenin, " the desire of the right
*4 believers," is in Arabic. They say, that the All-just
God conversed with him without the intervention of
Jabril.2 He composed also a book entitled Khdir-
al-Udn, " the good news, or the gospel," and this in
four languages: the first in Arabic, the second in
Persian, the third in Hindi, and the fourth in Pashtti,
that is, the Afghani language: the same purport is
conveyed in the four languages. The address is from
the All-just All-mighty God to the lord Bayezid,
and this they believe a work of divine inspiration.
He is also the author of the Hdlndmeh, in which he
has given an account of himself.

The most astonishing circumstance therein is,
that he was an illiterate man, and yet expounded
the Koran, and uttered speeches full of truth, so that
learned men were astonished at them.

It is said that Bayezid received the divine com-
mand for the destruction of those who know no
God. Three times the all-just God had given him
the order, and he put not his hand to the sword;

1 Bayezid Ansari is said to have been the first author who wrote in the
Pashtu, or Afghan language.

2 J.-.J J.OK    rsz* U^       It is by mistake, it appears, that we find

in Doctor Leyden's translation: " The All-just addressed him through
" Miyanji Jabrat/il:'' and the note referring to this passage is not
applicable to it.