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turned from Kabul to the firm, seat of government
(Delhi), lie (Jelal-eddin) came to his presence, but
after some days he took to flight. In the year of
theliejira 1000 (A. D. 1591-2), Jdfer Baig Kazvini
Bakhshi, who was honored with the title of As'fa-
khani, was deputed for the destruction of Jelal eddin
Rdshni, whom the blessed Jeldl eddin MuhammedAkbar
called Jeldfah, and in the same year the emperor's
chieftains, having taken prisoners the whole family
of Jelal eddin by the agency of a per son called Vahdit
Ali, brought them to the foot of the throne, the seat
of the deputy of God. In the year of the Hejira
1007 (A. D. 1598-9), during the reign of the lord?
now inhabiting heaven, Jelal eddin Acbar Padshah,
Miyan Jelal eddin took Ghizni, and cruelly ravaged
this province, but could not maintain himself in that
position. Meanwhile, at the coming up of the Hazd-
rah1 and the Afghans upon Miyan,a great conflict

1 Jelal-eddin, although supported by many,' was strongly opposed by
some of the Afghan tribes; other mixed tribes never adopted the Roshe-
niah creed. Among the last were the JHa'zdrahs, distinct from the
Afghans and Moghuls; their original seat is supposed to have been be-
tween Herat and Balkh; but they possessed themselves of a consider-
able part between G-hazni and Kandahar, in one direction, and between
Maidan andBalkh, in the other. We find in the before quoted Memoir
of H. T. Colebrooke (As. Res., vol. VII. p. 343): " The Hazarahs of Ka-
" bul are an innumerable tribe, who reside in Kabul, Ghazni, and Khan-
" dahar. Many of them are Shiahs, and adherents of the holy family.
*' At present, among the chiefs of the Shiahs is Mirza Sha'dma'n, with
*' whom the faithful are well pleased, and of whose incursions the Kha-
' rejis of Kabul and Ghtrzni bitterly complain."