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took place, in which Miyan Jelal eddin was wound-
ed by the hand of Shddmdn Hazdrah, and fled to the
mountains of Rabath, where Merad Baikh and some
of the followers of Sherif Khan Atcah attacked him
and made an end of his affairs.

After him, Miydn Ahdad, the son of Omar Shaikh,
the son of Bdyezid, who is known among the illus-
trious persons by the name of Ahddd, sat on the
throne of authority. He was just, and an adherer
to rule ; he kept himself thoroughly firm in the pre-
cepts of his august predecessor; he never intended
to amass wealth, but gave every one the due reward
of his labor; the fifth part of the wealth which was
collected from the wars against the infidels he depo-
sited in the public storehouse, and it served to re-
ward the meritorious warriors. In the year of the
liejira 1035 (A. D. 1625-6), under the reign of the
lord, now an inhabitant of heaven, Nur-eddin Jehdn-
gir Padshah, he was reduced to great straits by Ahsan
Vila, surnamed Zafer Khan, the son of Khdjah Abu-I
Hassan Tabrizi, and by the chieftains of the Padshah,
and besieged in the fort Navdgher, where, hit by a
musket shot during an attack on the fortress, he
reached the term of his life. It is said that, before
the day of his death, which these sectaries call '' the
ic day of union," Miyan Ahdad opened the book
Khdir al Bidn, and, having read in it, said to his
friends : u To-morrow is my day of union :" and it