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happened as he had said. The author of this book
saw a pious person from Cabul, who told him:
" On the day of Alidad's death I rejoiced, and spoke
u of him in bad terms ; at night I saw in a dream
" my master, who forbade me to do so, and said the
" sacred text: " declare that God is one,' applies to
ic Ahdad." And his disciples name him Ahddd,
" the one."

It is reported that after the " union" of Ahdad,
the Afghans, having taken up Abd ul Khader, the son
of Ahdad, betook themselves to the mountains; and
the Padshah's army, who had not expected to obtain
possession of the fort, entered it. The daughter of
Ahdad, who had not found an opportunity of escap-
ing, was wandering about the fortress; one of the
soldiers attempted to seize her ; the maiden, having
thrown her veil over her eyes, precipitated herself
from the wall of the fort, and met her death: every
one was astonished at the deed.

After Miyan Ahdad, his son, Abd-ul Kader, sat
upon the throne of religious supremacy. Having
found a favorable opportunity, he attacked Zafer
Khan, who fled with the greatest precipitation; all
his baggage, with the women of his secret apart-
ments, fell into the hands of the Afghans; but the
wife of Zafer khan, named Buzerg Khdnam, alone was
preserved from violence by the efforts of the chief-
tains, such as Navab Said Khan, the son of Ahmed