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Baig Khan Tarkhan. The author of this work him-
self heard Peri Sultan, a person from nature pos-
sessed of vigor and worth, who has now received
the title of Zu-l Fakdr khdn, say : " When, by order
" of Said Khan, I went to invite Abd-ul Khader to
t6 submit, I brought with me a great variety of vic-
" taals and liquors, that he might be seduced by
" their effect. One day, an aged Afghan, after hav-
44 ing tasted some sweetmeats, rose on his legs and.
'' said: * 0 Abd-ul Khader, from the time of thy
" * honored ancestors to this day, never the foot of
44 * a Moghiil reached this place; he who is now
" ' come intends to deceive thee, with garments red
" 4 and yellow, and with victuals pleasing and sweet,
fc4 * which are coveted by those who are slaves of
44 4 their belly, but which are abhorrent to the
6 * ' rule of durvishes : the best measure therefore
" 6 is to put him to death, as an example to terrify
 " * others from coming hither.' But Abd-ul Kha-
" der and his mother, Bibi Aldi, the daughter of Mi-
" yan Jelaleddin, would not agree to it. On the
" day when Abd-ul Khader visited the camp of Sdid
c' Khan, his horse was frightened at the noise of the
4 c kettle-drums and horns, and dashed from amid the
" crowd to one side; an Afghan observed: ' The
44 l horse executes what the lord.Miyan Roshen has
" c ordered, but you do not; be sure you shall suf-
41 ' fer from the after-sickness of this debauch/