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44 prophet, cannot be ascribed to the lowest man/'
The Sonnite asked : " What is that?" The Shiah
answered: " One of these things, stated in the book
44 of your traditions, is that the lord prophet, having
46 exhibited before Aaisha dance and disport, asked
"' her: 4 Art thou satisfied?' Such a thing cannot
66 in truth be said of any body without disgrace,
44 Besides, there are acts unbecoming of the pro-
44 phet's companions, such as Omar's preventing
44 Muhammed's last will, and the like, avowed by
44 themselves in their book; and yet they hold these
44 men in high esteem !" Here the Sonnite observed:
44 What thou first settest forth about the prophet's
44 exhibition of disport, is nothing shameful; as to
44 what thou sayest about bad customs, they belong
44 only to thy own vicious opinion. Deniest. thou
4fi that the prophet has said:

" ' I am sent to settle the customs and manners.'

46 If a fact has not existed or has not happened,
44 why should it have been recorded?" The Shiah
called out: 44 It has been invented and formed into
44 a lie." The Sonnite objected: 44 Thus, according
44 to thy opinion, the master of truth, Bokhari and
44 the like, are tellers of lies, and thus they have
44 transmitted lies ! Why then,, on their authority
41 believest thou that Omar has prevented the mak-
44 ing of the last will, and other such things, which,