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" porary matrimonial unions, from the Mazhda-

All the Shiahs have founded their creed upon
two rules: the first is the Bedas (Vedas); these
were promulgated with the view to surround us
with power and magnificence, or with the modes of
happiness, which brilliant prospects have not been
realized; it was said that the lord of divine ma-
jesty dictated the Veda. The second rule is godli-
ness ; by which men are freed from all the propensi-
ties of nature. The Shiahs are of this persuasion;
and when they are asked about the manner of it,
they say: By means of godliness we experience the
non-reality of exterior things.

The Veda treats of theology, and of what may
appear contrary to divinity; it explains the will2
which on the part of the perverse may be mani-
fested contrary to the will of the (supreme) judge.
The Veda moreover treats of practice: when an
action tends towards one thing, and when, after
or before its accomplishment, it turns towards some-
thing else.

4 See vol. I. p. 377.

2 jtolj I ira'det, " will" (upon this word see an explanation hereafter);

it is one of the names of the first minister, or of the universal intelli-
gence in the mystic language of the Druzes (see Chrestom.Ar., tome II.
p. 243). This sect belongs to the Ismailahs, who appear to have bor-
rowed much from the Indian philosophy.