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" We have not seen any thing like it in our histori-
" cal accounts." The Muselman remained con-

Another day, a Jew presented himself; the lord
khalif of God placed the Nazarene in opposition to
him for a religious discussion. The Jew began:
" In the Pentateuch, there is no mention made of
"Jesus." The Nazarene replied: "How not?
" Does not David say : * My hands and my feet fall
"  off, and all my bones are counted.' This is a
" prediction of the sufferings aad of the crucifixion
" of Jesus." The Jew remarked upon this: " What-
" ever David may have said of himself, and the All-
" Just have announced by his tongue, should all this
" be taken for a prediction of Jesus?" The Naza-
rene pursued: " But the conception of a virgin was
" predicted, and this virgin was Mary." The Jew
objected: " Amongst us, the virginity of Mary is not
" proved, as, according to your belief, before the
" birth of Jesus, she was married to Joseph the
" carpenter, and Jesus is said to be the son of Joseph
" the carpenter." The Nazarene admitted: " This
" is true; but," he added: " Joseph had never
" touched Mary/' The Jew opposed: " How is
" that proved ?" And this was the question which
the Jew repeated at every thing which the Nazarene
brought forward, so that the latter was reduced to