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44 station, and become incarnate at different tirnes,
cc in the forms of a fish, a boar, a tortoise, and of
" man. When he was in the state of Rama, his
" wife was ravished from him. He was ignorant,
<<; and acquired some knowledge by becoming the
" disciple of one among the sages of India, until he
" was freed from his body; in the form of Krishna
" he was addicted to lust and deceit, of which you
" yourselves tell many stories. You state, that in
" this incarnation there was little of the wisdom of
'" a supreme God, and much of the corporeal mat-
46 ter of Krishna: thus you compel mankind, who,
" capable of justice, are superior to all sorts of ani-
" mals, to worship a boar or a tortoise ! And you
" adore the form of the male organ as Mahadeva,
" whom many acknowledge to be God, and the
66 female organ as his wife ! You seem not to know
4< that the irrational cannot be the creator of the
" rational; that the one, uncompounded,is incom-
" patible with division, and that plurality of the
4< self-existent one is absurd. Finally, by the wor-
" ship of a mean object, no perfection can accrue to
" the noble." By these proofs and arguments he
established his theses, and the Brahman remained

Afterwards the philosopher addressed the assem-
bly : " Know for certain that the perfect prophet and
66 learned apostle, the possessor of fame, Akbar, that