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64 is, the lord of wisdom, directs us to acknowledge.
" that the self-existent being is the wisest teacher, 
" and ordains the creatures with absolute power,
" so that the intelligent among them may be able to
44 understand his precepts ; and as reason renders
" it evident that the world has a Creator, all-mighty
" and all-wise, who has diffused upon the field of
4 c events among the servants, subject to vicissitudes,
" numerous and various benefits which are worthy
'4 of praise and thanksgiving; therefore, according
' to the lights of our reason, let us investigate the
ft mysteries of his creation, and, according to our
tf knowledge, pour out the praises of his benefits;
u and as, by the knowledge of the primordial omni-
" potence, we shall have found the direction to the
** right way, we shall, in proportion to our grati-
" tude, be led to the reward of yon exuberant bea-
4* titude; if, by denying the unity and disowning
44 the benefits of God we sink into guilt, shall we
'' not be deserving of punishment ? Such being the
'' case, why should we pay obedience to any person
4i who belongs to mankind as ourselves, and who is
4' subject to anger and lust, and avarice and passion,
" and love of rank and power, even more than our-
" selves? If this mortal exhorts us to knowledge
" and gratitude, we may by the concurrence of our
" own reason obtain this advantage ; but if he urges
44 his precepts by what is opposite to reason, then