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4i place were to be admitted, the forms of the stars
fc 4 above would be preferable. If it be objected, that
44 this cannot be free from the detestable suspicion
i; of paganism, whilst, certainly, a place among
C4 others having been fixed, which place, by distinc-
t4 tion from them all, presents itself to them as
kC particular, a predilection for it appeared proper.
c' In like manner, after a computation of dimensions,
4 geometricians and mathematicians determine a
' place which, with respect to the objects and
u points of a space, bears the same relation as the
u centre to a circle; then, without doubt, every
" portion of the circumference will have its particu-
1 w lar relative situation with respect to the point of
*' the centre; certainly^ in consequence of this ar-
* * rangement, all places so determined become refer-
u able to this particular place, and among the other
44 places, shall be worthy of predilection." To this
may be ansivered: " This opinion agrees not with
" the ideas of many distinguished persons; for a
44 great number confers upon the site of another
4 fc place the attribute of being the middle, and distin-
4< guish it as such; which is evident from the books
" of the institutes of Brahma and of others, and by
** the necessity of pronouncing benedictions there.
" This also cannot be free from the suspicion of
" paganism: because one may suppose that God,
44 the All-Just, is represented in the house, or is a