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" but that the bounty of the all-mighty God created
4 fi degrees of reason and a particular order of spirits,
<c so that he blessed a few of the number with supe-
" rior sagacity; and lhat the merciful light of lights,
" by diffusion and guidance, exalted the prophets
ic even above these intellects. If it be so, then a
" prophet is of little service to men; for he gives
44 instruction which they do not understand, or
4t which their reason does not approve. Then the
44 prophet will propagate his doctrine by the sword;
4' he says to the inferiors: ' My words are above
" * your understanding, and your study will not
44 ' comprehend them/ To the intelligent he says:
44 ' My faith is above the mode of reason/ Thus,
44 bis religion suits neither the ignorant nor the
" wise. Another evil attending submission to an
u incomprehensible doctrine is that, whatever the intel-
" lect possesses and offers by its ingenuity, turns
" to no instruction and advantage of mankind, whilst
" the prophet himself has said:

" * God imposes upon a man no more than he can bear.'

44 And whatever the understanding does not com-
44 prise within the extent of reason, the truth of this
44 remains hidden; and to assent thereto is silliness;
44 because the doctrine of other wise men may be of
" a higher value than the tradition or the book of
44 that prophet. Besides, if the maxim were incul-

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