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'' knowledge of truth conformably with the precepts
44 of the perfect prophet, the perfect lord of fame,
61 Akbar, ' the Wise;' the practices enjoined by him
"are: renouncing and abandoning the world;
" refraining from lust, sensuality, entertainment,
" slaughter of what possesses life; and from appro-
" priating to one's self the riches of other men;
" abstaining from wofnehj. deceit, false accusation,
" oppression, Ji^mid^pn, foolishness, and giving
'' (to others)'                   titles. The endeavors for

4' the recompense of the other world, and the forms
'' of the true religion may be comprised in ten vir-
4< tues, namely: 1. liberality and beneficence; 2. for-
<fc bearance from bad actions and repulsion of anger
" with mildness; 3. abstinence from worldly de-
" sires; 4. care of freedom from the bonds of the
" worldly existence and violence, as well as accu-
4 6 mulating precious stores for the future real and
" perpetual world; 5. piety, wisdom, and devo-
" tion, with frequent meditations on the conse-
u quences of actions; 6. strength of dexterous pru-
4' dence in the desire of sublime actions; 7. soft
4C voice, gentle words, and pleasing speeches for
4 * every body; 8. good society with brothers, so that
* * their will may have the precedence to our own ;
" 9. a perfect alienation from the creatures, and a
<c perfect attachment to the supreme Being; 10.
" purification of the soul by the yearning after God