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u the all-just, and the union with the merciful Lord,
u in such a manner that, as long as the soul dwells
" in the body, it may think itself one with him and
^ long to join him, until the hour of separation
" from the body arrives. The best men are those
" who content themselves with the least food, and
' * who sequestrate themselves from this perishable
" world, and abstain from the enjoyments of eating,
" drinking, dress, and marriage .^The vilest of the
4i people are those who think it             indulge the

*' desire of generation, the passion for wine, and ban-
4< queuing with eagerness, as if it were something
" divine. As the mode which the perfect prophet
c * and apostle, Akbar the Wise^ has prescribed to his
" followers, is difficult, certainly the demons excite
" the spirit of brutish passion against his regula-
'* tions; so that there are prophets who, captivated
*' with lust, anger, pleasures of eating and drinking-,
" costly garments, beautiful women, and engaged in
*' oppression towards the children of one race, whom
* < they call infidels, consider these practices not only
44 as legal, but even as laudable, and tend towards
" them. So it happens that many learned men and
" their followers, who, for the sake of the world
*' have chosen to obey these prophets, but in their
" heart deny them, and are aware of the falsehood
" of this sect, wait for an opportunity, with prudent
64 regard to circumstances and a favorable hour, to