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" Your women arc a field  for you:   approach your field  as  you
" may like."

By which they pretend to show that any mode of
coition is permitted.1 Nam Javet said that, when the
era of the Muselmans was fixed, the people had a
bad opinion of the companions of the prophet, and
wise men called all the laws " prisons,"anddeclared
the centre of faith rests upon reason. Nobody dis-
puted with them. Then arrived learned Farangis,
and argued in their speeches. Shaikh Bbavan, so
was called a learned Brahman from the country of
Dekan, having conceived hatred towards his rela-
tions, became a Muselman, and obtained this name:
he had the fourth Veda in his possession, and inter-
preted some precepts of this book, which contains
many beauties, and a sentence like that of the Koran :
" There is but one God;" and it was also stated
therein, that whoever does not make this confession
will not obtain salvation. In another place it was
said that to eat cow's flesh was, under certain condi-
tions, allowable; and elsewhere it was ordained to
bury, and not to burn, a corpse. Thus, the before-
said Shaikh was triumphant over the Brahmans-
But Nain Javet related that he has requested him to
interpret this passage; when he had translated it, its
meaning was completely contrary and opposed to

1       ^^    antc vel rctrorsum.