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the sentence: " There is but one God," and the
restriction to eat cow's flesh also was contrary to the
custom of the Muselmans; and concerning the bury-
ing of the dead he gave a different account from that
which is lawful by the faith of the Muselmans. His
Majesty (Akbar), with all those present, laughed at
the Brahman, and said : " Look at these Musel-
" mans and Hindus, who among many conflicting
" arguments did not think to ask what was the
" meaning of the passages in question, and have
4C praised me exceedingly.

Mir Said Sherff Amely came to the place of Dai-
bal pur, and waited on his Majesty (Akbar), who was
then taking part in a public dispute between a num-
ber of young men with some theologians, about Mah-
miid, and he reduced them to silence. The Emperor
conferred also many favors upon the said Mir, and the
controversy in religion went so far that even doctors
in law were accused of infidelity; learned men and
Sufies declared in the celestial court (Akbar*s), that
wise and capable men existed in all religions: where
then is the superiority and preponderance? More
than one thousand years have not elapsed since this
faith was established.

In like manner, a number of children were put in
a place called Gangmahel, where every thing neces-
sary was furnished to them; but none could articu-
late a letter; having remained there to their four-