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-      95

nothing appeared, nor on the subject of the virtues
of the white cock;' and on the subject of bastards It
is known:

" The illegitimate son has no access to paradise."

This was not firmly established, and is futile. HisMa-
jesty, the khalifah of the all-just, proclaimed himself
the joyous tidings, that cows ought not to be killed.
In like manner, the fire-worshippers, who had
come from the town of Nousaii, situated in the
district of Gujerat, asserted the truth of the religion
of Zoroaster, and the great reverence and worship
due to fire. The emperor called them to his pre-
sence, and was pleased to take information about
the way and lustre of their wise men. He also called
from Persia a follower of Zardusht, named Arde-
shir, to whom he sent money; he delivered the
sacred fire with care to the wise Shaikh Abu 1 Fa-
z'il, and established that it should be preserved in
the interior apartment by night and day, perpetual
henceforth, according to the rule of the Mobeds, and
to the manner which was always practised in the
fire-temples of the Kings of Ajem, because the Iti set
was among the sentences of the Lord, and light from
among the lights of the great Ized. He invited like-
wise the fire-worshippers from Kirman to his pre-
sence, and questioned them about the subtil ties of

1 1 am not acquainted with the subjects above alluded to? nor does the
text appear connected.