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<4 ' the fragrant Gales of Mankind/ and the like;
" and the family of the prophet, what was their
tc guilt that their names were not admitted into
" them?" Abd ul Kader gave no satisfactory
answer. Ghazi Khan Baddakshi, who had not his
equal in logical science, treated explicitly and labo-
riously in sections of the just Imam (All), and esta-
blished by investigation his superior merit in other
treatises ; and other learned men exercised their
sagacity upon this subject.

In the month Rajeb of the year of the Hejira 987
(A. D. 1579), the Emperor Akbar was ordered (by
Heaven) to fix the sentence:'' There is but one God,
"and Akbar is his Khalifah," to be used. If" the
people really wished it, they might adopt this faith;
and his Majesty declared, that this religion ought to
be established by choice, and not by violence. In
this manner, a number of men, who were more pious
or wise than those of their times, chose this creed
according to their conscience. The command came
from God, that the attachment to the cause of the
Lord God and to one's master has four degrees,

" Sacy, " IBS Haleines de la familiarity provenant des personnages
" eminens en saintete" " the breathings of familiarity proceeding from
" personages eminent in sanctity." Baron von Hammer rendered the
title by: 44 Die Hauche der Menshheit," " the Breathings of Mankind;"
Nefha't being interpreted in the Dictionary, by " a breath of wind, a
" fragrant gate, perfume, (metaphorically for) good fame," I prefered
the version given in the text.

v. in.                                                                       7