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On account of the difference between the era of
the Hindus and that of the Hejira used by the
Arabs, the Emperor introduced a new one, begin-
ning from the first year of the reign of Hamayiio,
which is 965 of the Hejira (A. D. 1555-6); the
names of the months were those used by the Kings
of Ajem; and fourteen festivals in the year insti-
tuted, coinciding with those of Zardusht, were
named " the years and days of Ilahi." This ar-
rangement was established by Hakim Shah Fattah
ulla ShirdzL On account of hearing so many dis-
putes of the learned in the midst of the multitude,
the custom of reading the comments on the Koran
and the science of religion and law, were laid aside,
and in their place astronomy, physic, arithmetic,
mysticism., poetry, and chronology became cur-
rent. The people of Ajem used to repeat frequently
these verses:

" By living upon milk of camels and upon lizards,
" The Arabians raised their fortune;
" So that they now covet Ajem:
" Fie upon thee, 0 revolving world, fie!"

Khaja abd ul latif,1 who was one of the distin-
guished personages of Maverah ul naher, gifted with
the talent of subtile distinctions, raised doubts upon
the truth of the saying :

1 Abdul latif Khan, son of Abdalla, prince of the Usbccks, died in the
year of the Hejira 948 (A. D. 1541).