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and its feel towards the west; and that persons,
even in their sleep, may dispose themselves in thai
direction. It was further ordained, that the Ila-
hian may not apply to any other sciences of the
Arabs but to astronomy, arithmetic, physic, and
philosophy, and not spend their life-time in the
pursuit of what is not reasonable. The interdic-
tion of slaying cows was confirmed. It was also
regulated, that a Hindu woman is not to be pre-
vented from burning with her dead hjisband, but
that the sacrifice ought to take place without vio-
lence used towards, or abhorrence shewn by, the
widow. Another regulation was that, whoever
eats with one whose profession is' the slaughter of
animals, should have his hand cut off; but only a
finger, if he belong to the people of his house.

Again, a woman who is going about in narrow
streets or in market-places, without having at that
time her face veiled, ought not to be approached by
her husband; and a woman of improper conduct,
who quarrels with her husband, ought to be sent to
the place of prostitutes, whose business it is to offer
themselves for sale. In addition to this, in times of
distressing famine, a father and a mother may hap-
pen to sell their children under age; when they find
themselves in better circumstances, they must be
allowed, by giving money, to rescue their offspring
from the bonds of servitude. Moreover, a Hindu