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who, in his infancy, without his will, has been made
a Muselman, if later he chooses to return to the faith
of his fathers, is at liberty to do so, and is not to be
prevented from it; also every person is permitted
to profess whatever religion he chooses, and to pass,
whenever he likes, from one religion to another.
But if a Hindu woman, having fallen in love with a
Muselman, wishes to adopt his religion, she can be
taken by force and delivered up to her family. And
likewise a Muselman woman, if she has fallen in
love with an Hindu, and wishes to adopt his faith, is
prevented from it, and not admitted in his caste.
Finally, the erection of a temple of idols, of a church,
of afire-temple, and a sepulchral vault, ought not to
be impeded, nor the building of a mosque for the

Sader Jehan adopted the llahi religion. Acbar
called the harmless animals the beasts of peace, and
showed abhorrence to their slaughter. He mixed
the best and purest part of every religion for the
formation of his own faith. Mulla Tersiin Badakh-
shi, who was a Muselman of the Hanifa creed, in-
formed me, in the Hejira 1058 (A. D. 1648-9),
that one day he went on a pilgrimage to visit the
sepulchre of Akbar, the inhabitant of heaven; there,
one of his friends, having hurt his foot in climbing
up the holy tomb, set about reviling the khalifah of
God. The companions said : " If the blessed Em-