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sacred to the sun, Sirdin, thai is " rice/' and Per din,
called in Hindostan pahati, before the King, and peas
in the shell, which were then stript of their inte-
guments. The Ring asked Shedosh: " For whom
" is this food?" The poet answered: " For the
" friend who, for the sake of retirement, is naked
" from head to foot." The monarch, being pleased
with this answer, filled the poet's mouth with pre-
cious pearls of the purest water. The Queen, named
Shuker, averting her heart from the King her hus-
band, attached it passionately to the sweet composer
of melodious speeches. When night came on, Shu-
ker, believing that the King slept, went out by
stealth. The King too followed her steps. When
Shuker arrived at the house of Shedosh, many
words occurred between them. Then the poet said
to her: *' A woman fears nobody ; on that ac-
'' count she ought to be feared. Thou hast left Fer-
" hosh, the King, and wilt devote thy affections to
" one like me!" Upon these words, the woman
returned home without hope, and Shedosh turned
his face to the image of the sun. But his looks fell
upon one of the maids who were adorers of the sun,
and desired her to converse with him; the maid,
indignant at such a proposal, having approached
the image of the sun, said: " I am thy worshipper;
" and this is not the time for associating with men:
t<; this poet of the King addressed to me an improper