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lo obtain his due. He then got upon the seat, and
began to chaunt the verses which he had composed
in honor of the sun: at this very time his leprosy
disappeared. But, before he had ended his poem,
his followers thought the great luminary would not
grant his wish; and the poet, from fear of his life,
would not throw himself into the fire; therefore,
pulling the chair by means of the chain, they precipi -
tated it into the flames. But after falling, he felt the
fire had no effect upon him, and although dejected,
remaining in his seat, he terminated his praise; then
coming forth, he approached the King, and recited
the verses which he had composed for the occasion;
he subjoined: " 0 King, I have not been guilty of
" any vile deed on this occasion; but on the same
*4 day, at the time when the women approach the
*' image of the sun, I also went there, and the guards
" did not know me. But the rebellious spirit had
'* his play with me, so that, supposing a virtuous
46 woman I beheld to be unmarried, I spoke im-
tc proper words to her $ on that account I was pu-
" nished; but at the same time I held Shuker as a
" mother."

Hoshang, the King, in the work Bahin ferah, " the
" highest dignity," which is written to inculcate
the duties towards the sanctity of the stars, states
great miracles of every luminary. We read like-
wise, in the Mahabharat, that the Raja Jedeshter