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things of wonderful meaning were connected with
his person. In the first line was that which they
call the state of washt. Some of the spirits of the
stars were his assistants. During several days he
wras in a swoon, and in this state of senselessness
all that the world-conquering Khan could articulate
was Hu, hu I It is said that on the first manifesta-
tion of this malady, he obtained union with spirits,
victories, and revelations of mysteries. The very
same coat and garment which he first put on were
deposited in a wardrobe, there sealed up, and kept
by themselves. Every time that the illustrious Khan
fell into this state, his people dressed him in that
coat, and every event, victory, purpose, discovery
of enemies, defeat, conquest of countries, which he
desired, came upon his tongue; a person wrote
down every thing, and put it into a bag which he
sealed. When the world-seizing Khan recovered
his senses, every thing was read to him and he
acted accordingly, and every thing he had said took
place. He possessed perfectly the science of divina-
tion by means of combs, and having burnt them,
gave his decisions in a manner different from that of

Moghul authorities (see G-eschichte der Ost-mongolen von Isadk Jacob
Schmidt, Seite 376), born in the year of the Hejira 558 (A. D. 1162), in
Dilun Jalun. It was in the year 1206 of our era that he received, in a
general assembly of submissive Tartars, the name of Jangis-hhan,
" Great Khan:" his own tribe, which was that of Moghuls, before him
called Bida, he raised to pre-eminence over all the Tartars.
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