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turned with the permission of Jangis Khan, from the
country of Talkan to Ghor, he related the following
anecdote: When 1 had left the presence of Jan-
gis Khan, and sat down in the royal tent, Aghldn
herbi, with whom 1 came, and some other friends,
were with me, a Moghul brought two other Mog-
huls, who the day before had fallen asleep when on
the watch, saying: " I struck their horses with the
whip, rebuking them for their guilt in sleeping, yet
left them; but to-day I have brought them here."
Aghlan faced these two Moghuls, asking them :
"Have you fallen asleep?" Both avowed it. He
then ordered one of them to be put to death; and that
his head should be tied to the hair lock of the other ;
the latter then to be conducted through the camp,
and afterwards executed. Thus it was done. I
remained astonished, and said to Aglan: <c There
" was no witness to prove the guilt of the Moghuls ;
" as these two men knew that death awaits them,
" why have they confessed? If they had denied,
" they would have saved themselves/' Aghlan Herbi
replied: " Why art thou astonished? You, Tajf
" Khan, you act in this way, and tell lies; but,
ic should a thousand lives be at stake, Moghuls
" would not utter a lie."

Jangis Khan raised Oktdyi Khan to the rank of a
Khalif, " successor." l    Chdtayi Khan, who was his

1 Jangis Khan bad four sons, \\hose rank of seniority is differently