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elder brother, in a drunken fit dashed his horse
against Oktayi Khan, and then hurried away. When
he became sober, he reflected upon the danger which
would ensue from his act, and that the foundation
of the monarchy might be destroyed in consequence
of it; therefore, presenting himself as a criminal, he
said to his brother: ft How could a man like me
"presume to measure himself with the King, and
16 dash his horse against him! Therefore I am
" guilty, and confess my crime. Put me to death,
Cf or use the whip against me : you are the judge/'
Oktayi replied: " A miserable like myself, what
" place should he lake? You are the master: what
44 am I?—that is, you are the elder, I the younger,
"brother." Finally, Chenghayi, presenting him
nine horses, said: "I offer this as a grateful
" acknowledgment that the King did not exercise
" his justice towards me, and that he forgives my
" crime."

When Oktayi Khan dispatched Jermdghun, a corn-
stated by different authors, and among whom he divided his vast empire.
Octayi was to rule all the countries of the Moghuls, Kathayans, and
others extending towards the East. He died in the year of the Hejira
639 (A. D. 1241). Ch&tayi was to possess Mawer ul nahir, Turkistan,
Balkh, and Badakhshan. He died in the year of the Hejira 638 (A. D.
1240). Juj-i was to reign over Desht, Kapchak, Kharizm, Khizer, Bul-
garia, Lokmin, Alan, As,* Russia, and the northern countries. He died in
Hejira 624 (A. D. 1226), during his father's life. Tuli Khan received
for his share Khorassan, India, and Persia ; he died soon after his father;
but his sons, Manjuka, Koblai, and Hulagu became celebrated in history.