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the governor of the fort, fixed upon the stratagem
that seven hundred young men should lie in am-
bush : who, when they should hear the sound of the
war-drum from the eastern gate, opposite which they
were placed, were to break out from the ambush, and
fall on the back of the enemies. Conformably with
this plan, in the morning the eastern gate was open-
ed, and the Muselmans were engaged in the assault;
but when the drum was beaten, nobody came forth
from the ambush : after three watches, a man was
was sent to bring intelligence from that quarter, but
he found them all dead.

The world-conquering Jangiz Khan, at the time
of his wasting away, said to his sons: c' Never de-
tc viate from your faith, nor lend your powerful
" support to other religions; because, as long as
c' you remain firmly rooted in your faith, your peo-
'' pie and companions will acknowledge you as the
" chiefs of their faith, and count you as the leaders
4i of worship; but he who changes his religion for
4fc that of others, being a chief of the faith, maybe
4 fc still considered as a chief by the people of the new
" religion; but in the eyes of his own people will
4; lose that dignity: because he who passes over with
'6 you to another faith will esteem as chiefs those of
4i the new faith; besides, he who remains attached
'* to my iaith will also be displeased with you for
" not having continued in the religion of his fa-