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and according to which the regulators of the royal
offices, the managers of the Khalifa's court among
his fortunate sons, the gentle-minded princes, the
Onirahs, high indignity, all men of rank, the col-
lectors of revenues and the Kotwals may settle their
practices; and in the arrangement of important
affairs in great cities and in villages, and in all places
maintain their authority.

The principal point is summarily this: that, in
in all transactions, they may endeavor to deserve the
divine favor, by their usages and pious practices ;
and that, humbly suppliant in the court of God,
\vithout partial complacence to themselves and to
others, they may execute the law in their proceed-
ings. Another point is, that they may not too much
like their private apartment; for this is the manner
of the desert-choosing durvishes; that they may not

accustom themselves to sit in the society of com-


mon people, nor to mix in large crowds ; for this is
the mode of market people; in short, that they may
keep the medium between the two extremes, and
never  forsake the just temperance; that is, avoid
equally excess in dissipation and retirement. Be-
sides, they are enjoined to venerate those who are
distinguished by devotion to the incomparable God;
to take the habit of vigilance in the morning and
evening, and particularly at midnight; and at all
times, when they are free from the affairs of God's