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porlant concern of creatures; that, without being-
influenced by friendship or enmity, without re-
gard to relations or strangers, they may with an
open forehead raise themselves to a dignified rank;
further, that they may, to the extent of their power,
confer benefits upon the religious mendicants, the
miserable and indigent, particularly upon the pious
recluse in a corner, and upon the saints, who,
straitened in their expense and income, never
open their lips for a demand; that, being in com-
pany with the pious hermits seeking God, they may
beg their benediction; besides that, having weighed
the faults, errors, and crimes of men in the balance
of justice, they may assign to each his proper place,
and by the balance of well-founded appreciation
bestow retribution upon each; that by the judgment
of sagacious men they may find out in the crowd him
whose faults ought to be concealed and passed
over, and him whose guilt is to be examined, pro-
claimed, and punished ; for there are faults which
deserve greatly to be repressed, and others which
are to be treated with great indulgence; it is required
that, to show the right way to the disobedient, they
use advice and gentleness, harshness or mildness,
according to the difference of rank and season;
when advice remains without effect, then impri-
soning, beating, maiming of members, and capital
punishment may be inflicted, according to the diver-