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right.    During the period of anger, they ought not

lo let the bridle of reason slip out of their hands,

but act with calmness and reflexion.    It becomes

them to grant privileges to some of their friends and

servants, who are distinguished by great wisdom

and devotedness.    At the time of overbearing grief

and affliction, when the wise abstain from speaking,

let them not exceed eiiher In words, silence, or

imbecility.    They should  be  sparing with  their

oaths, as much swearing raises a suspicion of lying.

They ought not to accustom themselves to offend an

interlocutor by evil surmises or by bad names: for

these are vile manners.    Finally, It is their duty to

show solicitude for the promotion of agriculture,

the welfare of the cultivator, and the assistance of

tenants; in order that, from year to year, the great

cities, the villages, and towns may rise In prosperity,

and acquire such facility of improvement that the

whole land may be rendered fit for cultivation, and

consequently the increase of population be carried

to the utmost.

These ordinances, separately written,, are to be
communicated to every agent of government, that
they may apply their minds to the execution of
them; in short, having given notice of them to all
subjects small and great, the magistrates ought not