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deviating from the measure of what is necessary, so
that, rising above the relinquished step of brutish-
ness, they attain a distinguished rank of humanity.
Let it be recommended to watch by night as much
as possible; never to show violent enmity towards
any man , and to beware of making one's bosom the
prison-house of rancour; should it nevertheless take
place from the infirmity of human nature, let it soon
be stifled: for, in the interior of our soul resides the
true agent, the unparallelled God, and raises tumul-
tuous strife for the sake of provoking the investiga-
tion of truth.

A governor should disdain laughing and joking;
he should always be informed of every occurrence
by spies; but never rely upon the information of one
of them, because truth and disinterestedness are
rare among them ; therefore, in every affair, let
him appoint several spies and intelligencers, who
are not to know each other; and, having written
down separately the account given by each of them;
compare them, with each other. But the notorious
spies are to be dismissed and discarded from his
presence, nor access granted to persons of mean
birth and depraved habits, although this sort of
people may be usefully employed against other bad
men; but he should never let the account-book slip
out of his hands, and always entertain in his heart
suspicion against this class of men, that they may