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hound to he true in his words, particularly with
the functionaries of government. Let him con-
stantly practise shooting with arrows and guns, and
exercise the soldiers in arms; but not be passion-
ately devoted to hunting, although he may some-
times indulge in it for the training of troops, and
the recreation of the mind,, which is indispensable in
this world of dependencies. He is never permitted
to take corn from the class of the Rayas, with the
intention to hoard it up for selling it at a high price.
Let him attend to the beating of the kettle-drum at
the rising of that luminary which bestows light upon
the world; and at midnight, which is properly the
beginning of sunrise, and during the progress of the
great majestic light from station to station, let him
order small and great guns to be fired, so that all
all men be called up to offer thanks to God.

Somebody ought to be placed at the gate of the
court, for bringing all petitions before the high pre-
sence of the King. If there be no Kutwdl,l he ought,
observing well the parts and rules of it, to apply
himself to the performance of this office, and not on
account of considering it rustic (low) business, say
to himself: 4< How can I do the business of a Kiil-
" wal?" but from piety acknowledging the great-
ness of God, he ought to submit to this charge.

1 Police officer or inspector.