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To explain clearly its duties, the first of all is,
that the Kiitwal of every city, town, and village
write down, with the agreement of the people,
their houses and buildings; as well as register in a
hook the inhabitants of every part of a place from
house to house, and, having taken security from
house to house, grant them free intercourse with
each, other; having determined the divisions in each
of them, a head man of the division is to be ap-
pointed, so that the good and bad men may be
under his superintendence; he must also appoint
spies, by whose means every occurrence by night
and day, the arrivals and departures in each quar-
ter, are to be recorded. He ought to establish that,
whenever a theft is committed, fire breaks out, or
any other mishap takes place, at the very moment
succor be given by the neighbors, and likewise all
householders tender their services: if they be absent
without necessity, they are to be held guilty. No-
body can undertake a journey without giving inform-
ation of it to his neighbor, the head man of the
division, or the recorder of news. No man of bad
character is to be received in any quarter of the place,
and all those who have not given security, are to be
kept separate from the other inhabitants in the great
public house, to which a head man and a recorder
of news are to be attached. The Kiitwal ought to
be perpetually informed of the income and expense of