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every individual, for the sake of survey and precau-
tion, and fix his attention on it: for, any body whose
income is small and expense great, cannot certainly
be without guilt.    It is incumbent on him to follow
an indication, and never to be remiss in attention to
persons of good birth and right intentions.   This
inquiry is to be understood as a measure of order,
and not as the means of rapine and oppression.
Further, the KiitwaFs business is to establish in the
bazar, " market," brokers of all sorts, after having
taken security from them, that he may receive no-
tice of whatever is bought and sold.    He ought to
declare that whoever buys or sells any thing without
notice, is subject to a fine.   The names of the buyer
and seller are to be entered into a daily register, and
nothing is to be bought or sold without the consent
of the head man of the division.    Moreover, the
Kiitwal must appoint guards for watching at night
in every quarter, every street, and in the whole
district of the town, and endeavor that in the quar-
ters, bazars, and streets no stranger be found; he
must apply to the search and pursuit of thieves and
pickpockets, and other delinquents, and leave no
trace of them.   Whatever is purloined or plundered
he must bring forth, together with the pilferers,
and if not, by returning the equivalent, he must
make good the damages.    It is his duty to ascertain
the property of strangers and deceased persons, in