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order that, if there be heirs, he 'may remit it to
them, and if not, deliver It to the Amin, u superin.
u tendant," and write an explanation thereof to the
Royal court, so that at any time when the true pro-
prietor is discovered, he may be put in possession
of it. In this transaction too, he ought to manifest
his right principles and his good origin, so as, per-
haps, to come up to what is customary in the coun-
try of Rum. The Kiitwal is further bound to en-
deavor that there be no trace of wine-drinking to be
found, and to reprehend, with the concurrence of
the judge, the buyer and seller, the abettor and
perpetrator thereof; so that the people may take an
example from it; nevertheless, if any body, of high
character for prudence for the sake of relaxation of
mind, makes use of wine as a medicine, no opposi-
tion is to be made to his usage.

The Kiitwal must be sollicitous for the cheapness
of provisions, and not allow rich men to buy and to
hoard a large quantity to sell it dear afterwards.
Let him take care of providing the requisites for the
Nduroz, " new year;" this is a great festival, the
beginning of which is the time when the great world-
illuming luminary enters the sign of Aries, at the
commencement of the month Farvardin (March).
Another feast is on the 19th of the said month,
which is the day of the most glorious sun. Other
feasts are as follows : the 3rd of Ardibihest (April);