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let us entirely devote ourselves lo the culture of
tlowers in the rose garden of the perpetual spring
of peace, and unceasingly attend to the Nas eb ul dyin,
" establishment of the thing itself," as to the study
of promoting one's happiness; as the Almighty God v
opening the door of his bounty to the different reli-
gions1 in their various means of salvation, maintains
them; so, In imitation of him, it is incumbent on the
powerful Kings, who are the shades of divine pro-
vidence, never to desist from this rule, because the
Creator of the universe confided to them this vast
population for the sake of directing the state of the
apparent world, and of watching over all mankind,
not without preserving the good name of exalted

In Multan, we saw the Shah Salam ulla; he was
a man unmarried, attached to the unity of God., and
to sanctity; having retired from the world, he said:
" I was often in the society of Jelal eddin Akbar; I
" heard him frequently say : * Had I possessed be-
ic * fore the knowledge which I now have, I would
*c * never, for my sake, have taken a wife; for to me
" c the elder matrons are mothers, women of my
" ' age sisters, and the younger ones daughters.' "
One of my friends heard this speech, which has just
been attributed to the blessed emperor, from the

1 The original means mashareb, <l drinks, drinking vessels," above
rendered by " religions."