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Both sects, by means of their discussions, cannot
explain the nature of the self-existing being; the
essence, unity, particularity, and all attributes are
inherent in his holy nature, as I have said in the
account of the religion of the Hoshanganians. They
have said besides : God is the world in its univer-
sality, but in its particularity mutable conformably
with the whole, as it has been stated in the doctrine
of the Yezdam'an. They maintain, the work of God
is according to his will; he does; if he wills not, he
does not; but a good work is conformable to his
nature: because all his attributes are perfection, in
which sense they draw necessary conclusions with
regard to the nature of God.

' The year of God is that \vhich passeth away; and thou shalt not find
" a change in the years of God."

Their creed is : God is not the immediate actor;
as it would not be suitable to the dignity of royalty
and sovereignty to perform himself every business;
but it is proper that he should appoint some one of
his servants who, on account of his great knowledge
and power, is qualified for business, for the execu-
tion of the royal orders and the protection of the
subjects. The latter also may, by the Sultan's or-
der, name another as Vizir or Nawab, for the affairs;
every one of these chiefs may instai functionaries
or agents; so that the whole administration may be
firmly established according to the desire and the