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Guhhen, Ci the Commentary of the Rose-bower."
Jesus, the son of God, proceeds from this " holy
" spirit/7 When wisdom manifests itself through
somebody, it is called his " spirit of wisdom;" and
when impressions of sciences in all creatures have
penetrated through its mediation, it is named " ar-
'' row;" and as the perfection of the lord of the pro-
phetic asylum is a ray of that jewel, it bears the
name of ** Muhammed's light."

" If not for thee, I would not have created the worlds." A

These are the attributes of its nature, and besides
these it has many names. By the intervention of
the first intelligence came forth the second intelli-
gence, the spirit and body of " the crystalline hea-
" ven/? and the soul of the heaven above the crys-
talline firmament is called " havdyi mdnavi, u the
iC true soul." By the intervention of the second
intelligence, the third, and the spirit and body of
the heaven of the fixed stars were produced. In
this wonderful way, intelligences and spirits were
formed, until the spirits of the tenth class;2 among

A. D. 1474 a work under the title Mefat-i-kul djaib fi sherh-i-Gulshen-
raz, " the Key of Marvels, in explanation of the Mystery of the Rose-
" bower." The latter work was quoted vol. I. p. 82.

3 See vol. I. p. 2. note.

2 I shall attempt to sketch, in the smallest possible compass, the
fundamental ideas of Asiatic cosmology, which are rather confusedly
stated in the text.

According to the Dasatir, God created primitively, immediately, and